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Factory in a Store: 3D Printing Beats Lego

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on Wed, August 6
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Clay Toy Store Allows Customers To Customize Designs

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on Sat, August 2
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Printing Kiosk Lands in the Worlds Coolest Toy Store

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on Wed, July 30
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The Original Factory in a Store


Put a Factory in Your Store!


Put a Factory in Your Store!

Let your customers design their own personalized products, created on-demand right in your store!


Start 3D Printing Today!


Now at Playthings Etc.

Stop by Playthings Etc. in Butler, PA, to create your special piece!


Your products, made one-of-a-kind!

PieceMaker is actively looking for content designers and partners to help create the next hit piece!

How It Works

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The Original Factory-In-A-Store

PieceMaker is the first and only Inventory-On-Demand solution for toy stores. Toy stores can add PieceMaker to their store with no hardware to buy. PieceMaker is an interactive experience for your customers where they can customize, print, and purchase their one-of-a-kind piece in 20 minutes or less. PieceMaker gives toy store owners detailed analytics and reporting to measure sales and customer engagement.

Customize Your Piece

Toy store customers use the touch-screen PieceMaker kiosk to create their one-of-a-kind piece.

Browse the digital product gallery and choose the piece that you want to customize. Customers add their name, date, and other personalized details at the do-it-yourself kiosk before sending their toy to print.

3D-Print Your Piece

Watch the excitement on your customer’s face as they watch their one-of-a-kind piece being printed from our 3D printer. Your employee’s manage the printstation with minimal intervention required to print and retrieve the 3D printed pieces. For a low monthly subscription, we provide the hardware and software for 3D printing, with plastic filament being the only material needed to print toys on demand.

Use Your Existing Payment Systems

PieceMaker allows you to complete the transaction with your customers through your existing point of sale system. You set the price for pieces and begin generating a new stream of revenue for your toy store immediately.

The Original Factory-In-A-Store

After your customers have left happy, track the experience from end to end and measure the performance of PieceMaker in your store. Track purchases, expenses, ROI, and many other data points to show you the revenue and profits that are being made by PieceMaker in your store.

Put a Factory In Your Store!

direct increase to store's profits from sales through the Factory in a Store


floor space taken up by a Factory in a Store kiosk

4.5 sq-ft

conversion rate of customers who make a purchase after interacting with the Factory in a Store kiosk


most profitable product per square foot of floor space in the entire store during our April pilot


average print time per piece

18 Minutes

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Start 3D Printing Today!

New Location!

Stop by Playthings Etc. in Butler, PA to create your own special piece!

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