The Silicone Pinch Test: How to Ensure Your Silicone is Pure

In the world of silicone products, not all are created equal. A decade ago, the "BPA free" movement took over the water bottle industry, shedding light on the potential health risks associated with certain plastics. Today, there's a pressing need to educate consumers and openly discuss the purity of silicone products, especially with the rise of misleading claims from other pipe makers in the industry.

Some silicone brands, particularly the more affordable knock-offs, are known to incorporate fillers and impurities into their products to cut manufacturing costs and increase profit margins. While these fillers might keep the product within FDA testing requirements, they can still pose potential risks to consumers. It's essential to understand that "food safe" silicone can indeed contain fillers, even if they're under the โ€œsafeโ€ levels set by regulations.

So, how can you check the integrity of your silicone piece?

The Silicone Pinch Test.

Simple Steps to Perform the Pinch Test:

  1. Take your silicone piece in hand.
  2. Gently pull, tuck, or pinch the silicone.
  3. Observe the color. If it turns white, this indicates the silicone contains fillers.

ย PieceMaker is committed to the safety and satisfaction of its consumers. All of our products are made from 100% pure food-grade platinum silicone that meets both FDA (US) and European (LFGB) safety standards. Platinum silicone is cured with platinum, making it much safer than food-grade silicone. Rest assured, Piecemaker products will ALWAYS pass your pinch test.

Some companies might make claims that their products are "100% silicone" based on passing FDA food safety tests. However, these tests don't necessarily confirm the absence of fillers. Real 100% pure silicone should remain unchanged in color, regardless of any manipulation.

For peace of mind and a guaranteed pure product, choose PieceMaker. Let's ensure our silicone products stand the test of time and purity, just like the water bottles did a decade ago.